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high tech concrete art

naked concrete.

The use of cement as a flooring option has been a revolutionary trend in interior design due to its minimalistic, sleek appearance that helps to create a sophisticated living space.

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crack, stains, scratch proof.

polished concrete industrial finishing

Get your dream industrial finishing with Reflecto’s Naked Concrete. Enjoy a smooth and polished concrete interior look on your floors and walls without fear of cracks, stains, nor scratches.

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ultra contemporary.

because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Reflecto’s naked concrete captures the elegance and modernity of a simple concrete interior look while giving your home the maximum protection it needs. Transform your ordinary living space with our cement walls without any cracks or damage.


2 color options for your preference


2 choices of finishing

We have 2 different finish(satin / matte) for your needs and desire


versatile application

The look of cement will make a statement like no other material can in your home.

Choose between cement grey or white sand to elevate your home.

our speciality.

Using cement as a flooring option has been a popular trend in interior design due to its minimalistic and sleek appearance. However, many have avoided it over their fear of cracks and scratches. With Nakedstone’s Naked Concrete, you can get your dream industrial finishing without the fear of any damage. Our concrete finishing is durable, long-lasting, and guaranteed to retain that classy minimalist concrete look for years to come.


With a minimum order of 50 m2 for floor application or 25 m2 for wall application, you can transform your humble home into a modern, minimalistic sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

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