terrazzo sixht slab.


cut with precision.

Adapting a seamless display technology using a precision cutting technology, leaving only (±0,03CM, hairline like!) making your joint-grout seamless.


flattest rock, evenly distributed.

Distribution of stones evenly distributed to produce a consistent pattern in each slab. A flat rock surface to create a smooth surface for your dream floor.

pressed with 600 tons of weight.

Pressed using a 600ton machine to imitate the high-quality marbles, which are usually at the base of a mountain due to their high pressure to create higher durability, non-porous and non-permeable. We imitate and apply this technology to our terrazzo to have a high crack resistance, high scratch resistant, and a very high stain resistance. This manufacturer may be local, but technology are adapted from Japan and Italian.

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customize your own!

Simply choose your

  • base color

  • stones (or find your own inspired pattern!)

  • slab size (in cm 60x60, 60x120, 100x150)

  • finishing (matte, glossy, brush hammered, brush hammered honned)

with only minimum order of 20m2, you can have your very own tailored made terrazzo


order process.

filling out our form via whatsapp.

consulting with us on your inspirations and expectations.

invoicing & finalizing payments.

order processed & ready to be made.

finalizing & shipping.

create your dream house today.

share us your inspirations.

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