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suitable for: buildings, factories, warehouses, parking lots, restaurants, processing facility and more.

06 klinzfloor polished concrete  THUMBNA

polished concrete.

Polished concrete is the best floor system for the industry. The most durable, cost-effective with minimal maintenance, and most resistant against liquids/chemicals.

  • Save costs by reducing reinstallations 

  • Glossy results like other floor systems

  • Strong, durable, and maintenance free

  • Proven strong even for tanks

05 decorative polishd concrete THUMBNAIL

decorative polished concrete.

Decorative polished concrete is a high-quality polished concrete that prioritizes strength and aesthetic of the product.

  • Color: stain / stencil

  • Crack Reduction System

  • Super anti-stain option available

  • High scratch resistance

liquid floor hardener.

More evenly spread and a higher level of hardness than dry-shake hardener.

  • Hardness level : 4-7 MOHS

  • Anti-stain

08 klinzfloor floor hardener  THUMBNAIL.

nano ceramic hybrid coating.

A hybrid technology that combines organic and inorganic components to produce a flooring system with high hardness level.

  • Hardness level: 7 MOHS

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Food Grade

  • Anti-Stain

  • Antimicrobial

07 klinzfloor ceramic  THUMBNAIL.png
09 klinzfloor flat flooring  THUMBNAIL.p

flat flooring.

Highest precision of floor flattening that is measured by laser technology.

  • Flat Level: 2 cm of deviation

  • SUPER FLAT Level: 5 mm of deviation

  • Extreme Flat Level: 2 mm of deviation

04 cement ultra top  THUMBNAIL.png

naked concrete.

helps you achieve your dream industrial finishing using better quality materials to prevent future crackings.

  • color: color tint / gradient

  • finishing: matte / satin / glossy

  • anti stain (optional add-on)

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