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Poor quality waterproofing can cause hairline cracks to form on your wall and cause serious problems if left alone. Temporarily covering them up with paint or wallpaper will only make the damage worse. The key to maintaining a dry and secure roof over your head is a proper prevention with our leakfree waterproofing system bundle to give you all the necessary tools to avoid stubborn leaks.


Our primer’s nano penetration technology absorbs through the membrane to create a powerful adhesive to support our waterproofing layer with up to 800% elasticity, supported by a final layer of protection from our anti-mold and fungal topcoat.

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Why do hairline cracks happen?

  • Poor stretching waterproofing ability

  • Weak waterproofing paint adhesive

  • Inability to adjust properly extreme temperature change

  • Water seeps through gaps

  • Structural shifting

Why is there mold on my ceiling?

  • Dampness due to leaks

  • Torn waterproof coating

  • Gypsum absorbs water (This cause it to expand and weakend it)

  • Water seeps through hairline cracks

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why do some waterproof coatings fail?

  • Elasticity gets damaged by UV light

  • Poor waterproofing elasticity

  • Growth of mold and fungi

  • Moisture leading to adhesive failure

why are we the leader?

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  • Highest waterproofing elasticity up to 800% 

  • Provides protection against
    ultra violet (UV) light

  • Anti-mold and fungi protection

  • Powerful adhesive to ensure 15 year lifetime

  • 8 year warranty on leakfree waterproofing system bundle

8 year warranty.

leakfree waterproofing system bundle comes with a 'comfort card'.

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We are confident in the quality of our products, we hope you will be too.

With every successful project after the next for the last 11 years, we want to take it one step further with a true promise of quality.


Every purchase of the leakfree waterproofing system bundle will be exclusively paired with an 8-year warranty for your utmost comfort.


Say goodbye to your worries with our comfort card.
Because you deserve the best.

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